FluoMax Fluorescence Up-conversion Kinetic Spectrometer


Fluorescence Up-conversion Kinetic Spectrometer

FluoMax is a turn-key system for investigation of fluorescence kinetics in solutions, solid samples and thin films. It has a time window of up to 4 ns with sub-100 fs intrinsic time resolution. The detection method relies on sum-frequency generation in optical nonlinear crystal using femtosecond optical gating. The spectral range of FluoMax covers the near-UV, visible and the NIR-infrared regions. It has been designed to be matched with any type of femtosecond titanium-sapphire (at 780-950nm) or itterbium (at 1030-1060nm) oscillators (1-100 MHz, SC version) and the Ti-Sa or Ib regenerative amplifiers (0.1-5 kHz, MP version).

Detailed PDF datasheet

  • Molecular spectroscopy
  • Photochemistry
  • Biophysics
  • Solid state physics
  • Materials science
  • Emission time-resolved measurements in solutions and thin films
  • Fluorescence anisotropy measurements
  • Optimized for MHz Ti:Sa Oscillators (SC version) and Ti:Sa Amplifiers (MP version)
  • Covers fluorescence phenomena from femtoseconds to nanoseconds
  • Sub-100fs intrinsic time resolution
  • Easy alignment
-SC version -MP version
Detection Range: 350 - 1200nm
Excitation: SHG, THG SHG, THG or external OPA
Time Resolution: < 1.5 x excitation pulse
Optical Delay: 2 ns (standard), 3.3 ns and 4 ns (optional)
1.67fs step size
Dark Count Rate: <30 cps (<10 cps typical) --
Max Photon Count Rate: 2.5.106 cps --
Software: Standalone(.exe) and LabViewTM
Dimensions: 96 x 71 x 24cm
  Input Requirements
Wavelength: 770 - 820nm
Pulse Energy: >7nJ
(>700mW @ 100Mhz)
Pulse Duration: 30 - 200fs
Beam Diameter: 2 - 7mm (1/e2), Near TEM00 5 - 10mm (1/e2), Near TEM00
Polarization: Linear
Repetition Rate: 1 - 200 MHz 0.1 - 10 kHz